Addressing Your Transmission Problem Right Away

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The transmission is a complex and vital element of any vehicle. Only experienced transmission repair specialists should work on your vehicle’s transmission. You’ll find these professionals at Day Automatic Transmissions, Inc..

We provide a full range or transmission services for individuals in the El Paso, TX area. You can trust us to properly diagnose the problem (which is a vital element of any repair, especially transmission repair). Then we will tackle the repair with efficiency using approved techniques and quality parts.

For automatic transmissions, the biggest concerns are fluid leaks and filter clogs. It’s important to check your transmission fluid at least twice a year – and if it’s leaking, then it’s definitely time to have it checked.

While manual transmissions may be more efficient with car handling and shifting, they experience numerous issues as well. Clutch slips and sticking are the most common problems for manual transmissions. Clutch pedals may need to be adjusted or replaced – or, in the case of a sticky clutch, the slave cylinder may need to be replaced.

If you aren’t sure what’s going on, check the list at right. From faulty sensors to bad shifting, there are numerous signs you need to have your transmission checked.

Let our trained techs provide you with the quality transmission repair you need today. To get the help you need from Day Transmissions, visit us or call (915) 778-3661 with any questions.