Keep Your Manual Riding Smoothly for Years

Manual transmission repairs in El Paso, TX

If the clutch on your manual car sticks or slips, you may need a professional to help you get your manual transmission working properly. The talented mechanics at Day Transmissions offer clutch inspections, replacements, pedal adjustments and cylinder replacements. Reach out to the mechanics at Day Transmissions to learn how we can make your car drive smoothly down any road in El Paso, Texas.

3 common manual transmission issues we can repair

3 common manual transmission issues we can repair

If something doesn’t seem right with your manual car, it could be one of these three common issues we run into:

  1. Clutch slips – when these happen, the engine revs, but the car won’t move properly.
  2. Fluid leaks – you should have your transmission fluid changed every 45,000 to 60,000 miles.
  3. Gear shift issues – this usually indicates that you need a clutch replacement.
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